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Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar; Foreword By Alex Machacek

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Product Details
ISBN-10: 0615979831
ISBN-13: 978-0615979830

Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar will guide you step-by-step through the process of identifying, dissecting, constructing, practicing and applying: Metric Modulations, Polyrhythms, “Ratio” Polyrhythms, Polyrhythm Divisions/Polyrhythms within Polyrhythms, Intrinsic Polymeters, Extrinsic Polymeters, Polymetric Accompaniment, and Polymetric Improvisation.

  • 136 Pages
  • Languange: English or Spanish - your choice!
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.31 x 11 inches
  • Publication: April 8, 2014

Editorial Reviews

"...Some of the exercises here, while smartly explained and harmonically barebones, make Mahavishnu Orchestra seem like ZZ Top..."

-JazzTimes Magazine

"...The reader is guided through the process by the author here, unlike some books that tend to leave you with a feeling of being thrown in the deep end of the pool..."
"...The Rivera-coined acronym IMTR (Isolate, Master, Transition, Repeat) is one all instructors should use when students need to tackle a specific issue..." - Abstract Logix (Book Rating: 5 out of 5 stars)

"For the high-achievement guitarist who wants to pursue an in-depth study of metric modulation, polyrhythms, and polymeters, Rivera's book is your ticket. Written in standard notation and tab with accompanying downloadable tracks, he leads you step by step with clear and concise tutelage."
- Vintage Guitar Magazine

I wish I'd had this book 20 years ago."

- ALEX MACHACEK (solo artist, "NOW" w/ Gary Husband, "In This Life" w/Virgil Donati, trio w/Terry Bozzio and Jimmy Johnson, "24 Tales" w/ Marco Minnemann)

"Jan Rivera's book is clear, thorough, and methodical, and will be an asset to anyone wishing to improve in the area of rhythm. Having the fluency to freely play with polyrhythms and polymeters is a valuable skill for the modern improviser, and careful study of this book will provide the student with the tools needed to achieve this."

- BEN MONDER (solo artist, Miguel Zenón)

From the Back Cover

"Guitarist Jan Rivera has produced a thorough, easy to understand guide to metric modulation that will be very useful to any serious musician. There are hundreds of examples in this book illustrating and breaking down rhythmic concepts in pragmatic ways that will make their applications possible. Highly recommended".


"Rhythm is such an important and under nourished aspect of playing and studying music. Jan Rivera has come up with an informative, challenging and clear concept for understanding and using complex rhythms. The book is called "Advanced Rhythmic Concepts For Guitar", but I really feel that this book will benefit any musician; no matter what instrument they play. Just the Ratio Polyrhythms section is a great help in organizing one's thinking about that difficult subject. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about improving their overall knowledge of how rhythms work and more importantly how to use them effectively."

- DEAN BROWN (Brecker Brothers, DB3 w/ Victor Wooten and Dennis Chambers)

"Jan Rivera's "Advanced Rhythmic Concepts For Guitar" is a very articulate course that takes the reader very deep into rhythmic possibilities in music. Jan explains each rhythmic situation very clearly and offers plenty of practical musical examples of these rhythms. The examples are complete with guitar tablatures. This book is a very valuable source of information and inspiration for any guitarist at intermediate to advanced level. Highly recommended!"

- ANTTI KOTIKOSKI ("Cave Men" w/ Vinnie Colaiuta and J.K. Kleutgens, "Generator" w/ Richard Hallebeek, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Scott Kinsey and Carl Verheyen)

"Jan Rivera's "Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar" book will definitely take your rhythm chops to a higher level. The studies are interesting, original, and in-depth. This book is definitely an essential item in any serious guitarist's library. I'm glad I already have my copy!"

- GUSTAVO ASSIS-BRASIL (Author: Hybrid Picking Lines and Licks for Guitar: Foreword by Guthrie Govan)

"Although there are countless of guitar books on the market relating to scales, modes, theory and licks, I can't recall even one book that covers the topic of rhythm, much less polyrhythms. We guitarists are infamous for our total lack of rhythmic skills so I definitely suggest this book if you want to set yourself apart from the competition. It is well written and easy to understand, and I plan to dedicate part of my practice time to the exercises in the chapters. Thanks for putting this together Jan! - CHRIS JUERGENSEN (solo artist, Vice-Principal Tokyo School of Music, Author: The Infinite Guitar)
"A sophisticated rhythmic interplay is expected from the modern improviser. Finally, here is a book for guitarists who want to advance in their approach to rhythm. This book is beautifully laid out visually and very straight forward intellectually, presenting the information in easy to digest morsels. The cover art is inviting; it makes you want to look inside. And it's not just for guitarists."
(solo artist, Author: Mel Bay's Complete Book of Jazz Guitar | Modern Jazz Concepts for Guitar [Hal Leonard] )

"In this book Jan Rivera has taken on a considerable achilles heel for all advancing guitarists: Polyrhythms. A man after my own heart, Jan saw a hole in the guitar education landscape and took it upon himself to fill it. Endeavors such as these are only for the brave and committed (both senses of the word may apply here). We all owe him a high five for taking on such a monumental task and seeing it through. A man with a plan Jan put on paper a method for guitarists as well as any other instrumentalist that deals with the complexity of metric modulation and polymetrics in a way we can all understand. THAT is impressive. Good show, Jan!"

CHRIS BUONO (Author: Guitarist's Guide to Music Reading [Hal Leonard], Jazz Lead Guitar Solos [Alfred] | Columnist: Guitar Player, Guitar One | Educator: Berklee College of Music, TrueFire |

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