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Existential Paranoia Album (CD)

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Existential Paranoia Album Release (2022)

  • CD
  • Instant Digital Download of Album Audio (.wav)

Track list:

1: Fractional Lineage
Mohini Dey (bass), Marco Minnemann (drums)

2: Existential Paranoia
Jordan Rudess (keys), Mohini Dey, Marco Minnemann, Juan Antonio (guitar)

3: Homenaje
Mohini Dey, Marco Minnemann

4: Can’t Fight Who You Are
Jordan Rudess, Mohini Dey, Marco Minneman

5: Things That Don’t Fit
Mohini Dey, Marco Minnemann

6: My Friend The [Synic]
Chris Clark (keys), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Marco Minnemann

7: Morse Code For Hope
Gary Husband (keys), Jimmy Johnson, Marco Minnemann

8: The Encounter
Nili Brosh (guitar), Eli Marcus (bass), Marco Minnemann

9: Not Here, Not There; Not Anywhere
Eli Marcus, Marco Minnemann

10: The Grey Sticky Note
Chris Clark, Mohini Dey, Marco Minnemann, Chad Wackerman (drums), Mark Hartsuch (saxophone)

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