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Existential Paranoia (Vinyl) - Limited Edition - 2LP

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Product Details

Please note that LP's must be shipped separately from other items to ensure protection.

The 1st vinyl pressing of Existential Paranoia Album Release (2022) is here! Grab your copy before its gone.

  • Limited Edition - pressing of 300 copies only!
    • 2LP Disc
    • 180 gram 12 Inch (33rpm)
    • Standard Jacket (gloss) - Double pocket
    • Printed Inner Sleeve
    • Full Colour Record Labels
    • Instant digital download of Album Audio (.wav)

Track list:

1: Fractional Lineage
Mohini Dey (bass), Marco Minnemann (drums)

2: Existential Paranoia
Jordan Rudess (keys), Mohini Dey, Marco Minnemann, Juan Antonio (guitar)

3: Homenaje
Mohini Dey, Marco Minnemann

4: Can’t Fight Who You Are
Jordan Rudess, Mohini Dey, Marco Minneman

5: Things That Don’t Fit
Mohini Dey, Marco Minnemann

6: My Friend The [Synic]
Chris Clark (keys), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Marco Minnemann

7: Morse Code For Hope
Gary Husband (keys), Jimmy Johnson, Marco Minnemann

8: The Encounter
Nili Brosh (guitar), Eli Marcus (bass), Marco Minnemann

9: Not Here, Not There; Not Anywhere
Eli Marcus, Marco Minnemann

10: The Grey Sticky Note
Chris Clark, Mohini Dey, Marco Minnemann, Chad Wackerman (drums), Mark Hartsuch (saxophone)
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